Aromas of Sindh

This book is a compilation of more than a 100 vegetarian recipes from the Sindhi cuisine with individual recipe pictures and a story alongside. These are authentic Sindhi recipes, many of them passed to me by my mother. In today’s day and age when many of these recipes are not made at home any longer, this book compiles all of them in a single place and makes it easy for a reader to refer to and make as desired.
The book is dedicated to my dearest Mother – an entrepreneur, an artist and a home-maker; who in her short life achieved so much and from whose life I inherited a great sense of both fashion and interior design! To my Father, to whom I owe everything I am professionally and personally – who taught me to give my best at what I do, be persistent, principled and disciplined; who taught me to live a healthy and happy life.
To my sister, who is a successful surgeon, and my role model and to my brother who is the true inspiration in my life.
In a very big part, this book is a tribute to the indomitable spirit of the Sindhis, who have, in the face of many hardships, been successful, prosperous and generous.
The book has 5 main sections – Breakfast, Main, Side, Snack and Sweet; together these have 100 recipes. There is a Bonus section, which has an additional 7 recipes.
The book boasts of a Foreword by celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani and is a validation of what the book stands for.

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