NOVO neil

Future ambition and growth. 
A focus towards living a life

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On the occasion of World Cancer Day, 4th February, the department of pediatric oncology along with its childhood cancer survivors support group “Aashayein” organized a motivational session themed future ambition and growth, A focus towards living a life for both treatment and off therapy patients. The session was facilitated by Dr. Pooja V. Anand, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Delhi University.
Leaders of team Aashayien updated the audience about their work and future plans. Also, they were successful in releasing the second edition of the newsletter. We ended the session on a musical note with Novo Neil’s composition “Apne Sapne”, a song about mental health. He is an independent artist, based out of New Jersey, USA. The session was highly appreciated by the participants with the request to have it in the offline mode too. 

Apne Sapne


In the current world, everyone has their set of worries and concerns. Life is either locked into social distances or so fast paced that people find it difficult to connect with their own feelings, let alone of those around them.

This song is our ode to world mental health day on oct 10th. It is meant to be a message for all – that sharing a few moments, some thoughts, emotions, dreams, goes a long way. It’s a message that we are available for each other – when the chips are down. And that together we can build a better, even if a simpler world.

Music and Vocals: Novo, Lyrics: Maggie